Sustainability in Fashion: A Talk by Querencia

Shirt:  Doên   similar  | Necklace:  Soko   similar  | Earrings:  Jennybird  | Lip color:  Beautycounter Lipstick in Terra

Shirt: Doên similar | Necklace: Soko similar | Earrings: Jennybird | Lip color: Beautycounter Lipstick in Terra

It's hard to create sustainable fashion if there's no transparency.

Kate and Mitchell, both designers at Querencia — a multidisciplinary company addressing human rights and environmental issues — came back to their native Omaha from NYC to address sustainability in fashion to a group of local designers and enthusiasts (like me!).

I made sure I was outfitted in my best sustainable apparel; I wanted to make a good impression, you know?

So, I wore my most favorite Doên top, Soko and Jennybird jewelry, along with my black Matt & Nat tote to match. Lately, this outfit has been my summer staple. Easy, bohemian and simple. 

Kate and Mitchell, designers at Querencia Studio, talking about sustainability in fashion

Kate and Mitchell, designers at Querencia Studio, talking about sustainability in fashion

Kate and Mitchell dived into the topic by talking about supply chain transparency. Here are a few startling facts:

Fashion is the second most polluting industry in the world.
80% of cotton is produced with GMOs.
There's 400% more clothing consumption than just twenty years ago.
The volume of produced garemnts has double yet we wear them a third less

Then they asked this question, "What does success look like for the global economy?"

Is it a linear economy? A recycling economy? Or a circular economy?


Right now, we're producing and consuming in line with a linear economy whereas a circular economy would produce little to no waste.

There's so much exciting research and innovation into biodegradable fabrics — yes, fabrics that will actually break down! Theoretically, we could put these fabrics (and clothing) into our compost pile! Ah, so cool!

Lastly, they talked about water waste... a big issue right now. With such a finite resource, we have to start thinking strategically about our water usage. Did you know... you can actually tell which color is popular for the upcoming season because it's the same color of the rivers and streams around the factories?

Residents can't use that water for their crops or for drinking; it's just wasted once it's filled with toxic dyes.

Also, consumers should be more aware of washing their clothes. Personally, I don't wash my t-shirts, jeans, dresses, etc. unless I really sweated in them or there's a stain! And honestly, I'm not ashamed of that... I'm convinced it'll be the cool thing to do soon!


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my head has too many tabs open

Kate and Mitchell did a great job touching on all the facets of sustainable fashion. I'm such a geek, and I was totally soaking up all their info. But, I think we can all feel a little overwhelmed by everything going on in fashion, and especially sustainable fashion.

That's why I hope I'm able to help present solutions to shopping mindfully and ethically. I want you to see the hope and beauty in shopping sustainably, not just the dark areas.

Querencia Studio design

Querencia Studio design


About Querencia

Okay, if you don't know about Querencia then you gotta! It's such an awesome brand doing good things. Each collection they produced is aligned with one of the 12 United Nations Sustainability Development Goals. They've created innovative zero waste and creative up-cycled collections. 

Okay, that was a long, long blog post. Let me know: did you know about Querencia? Have you made any sustainable purchases lately?

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