The One Scarf That's Changing The World For Women Everywhere


How  much good can a scarf bring to the world?

Turns out, it can change women's lives for the better. 

A feminine signature for feminism

Round + Square is a conscious fashion brand powered by values and vision to bring together style, substance and sustainability in support of gender equality with 30 percent of sales profits going to Equality Now.

If you're thinking, "THIS IS SO LAUREN!!" 

Then you're right!

I first found this scarf on Instagram because lots of bloggers were wearing it for the 2017 Women's March.

A tap lead to a tag which lead to my purchase of the Round+ Square Let's Make Equality Reality silk bandana.



Black and yellow silk bandanna


It's a simple design with butterflies, paisleys and inspirational messages woven together in black and yellow silk.

The founder, Henriette Ernst, is driven by values and designs with passion. Who knew one scarf could make a difference? She did. And she made it happen.

Businesses with soul and heart always inspire and amaze me.

Have you taken a look at the bandannas? Which one do you like? This one is very popular!

In love and light,