Why These Sneakers Are My Favorite


why these sneakers are my favorite


A pair of white sneakers is a classic and a must-have, even for a capsule wardrobe. Growing up, I went from white converse, to white keds, and then to my current pair of white sneakers: the VEJA Esplars.

When Emma Watson created her Press Tour Instagram account, it was like the Universe had finally heard to plea: "Why don't celebrities care about sustainable fashion?! I want more styled looks!"

Then there was beautiful, amazing, darling Emma Watson who gifted us with her sustainable style looks on all of her press tours. 

I started stalking her newly uploaded photos; they were chock-full of clean beauty products and sustainable clothing brands I had never heard of. I was becoming more and more aware of companies I wanted to support because they are changing the world - one product at a time.

Scroll to see why I love my VEJA esplars and to shop my two favorite pair.

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5 Tips for Sustainable Style

on a Budget


Enter: VEJA

Emma Watson was photographed multiple times wearing her VEJA white sneakers after Emma Watson became an outspoken advocate for sustainable clothing. They looked so cute, and I was happy to learn about the company's sustainable supply chain and product. Since 2005, VEJA has created sneakers that treat humans with respect, are produced in dignified conditions, in direct consultation with producer associations and manufacturers.



VEJA doesn't shy away from showing you exactly where and how their sneakers are made. 

Each pair is made fair trade. They work with Atelier Sans Frontières which promotes the professional integration of people who are excluded from the labour market, by offering them a suitable paid job, personalized social support, and helping them develop a career plan.

In a chinese factory, these sneakers would cost 3 times less to produce.

But, VEJA is committed to a responsible fair trade labor environment.


sustainable materials

VEJA makes a commitment to their workers, and also to the environmental effects of sourcing material.


VEJA has purchased more than 180 tons of organic and fair trade cotton since 2004. And, since 2015, they've used recycled cotton.


The company buys wild rubber harvested by indigenous families. Synthetic rubber ( the leading rubber material in fashion ) is created from crude oil.

VEJA soles are made of 30 to 40% of natural rubber. And, they're committed to helping preserve the Amazong forst.


The leather they use comes from Southern Brazil, and the tannery is certified by the Leather Working Group, so you know it's the real f*cking deal. They want to minimize the impact the dyes their using might have on the local communities.

Now, vegetable tanning is used on 10% of VEJA models. 

1 VEJA model out of 4 is 100% vegan.

Okay, now THIS is crazy, folks. Since 2013, they've been using fish leather in several shoe designs.

This leather is made from Tilapia hides that come from freshwater fish farms. Since they are usually thrown away, VEJA is transforming waste into a luxury material using a completely handcrafted process.


zero advertising and stock

Now, this is some cool shit: The heart of the VEJA model is to reinject the amounts normally allocated to advertising into the phase that comes before the assembly line.

At VEJA, instead of relying on marketing hype to have an impact, they'd rather rely on collective intelligence.

"Eliminating ads, marketing costs, doing away with brand ambassadors, billboards, means investing in reality rather than fiction. It means working back up the production chain and changing it. It means spending more time on the ground, rather than investing in smoke and mirrors."


emma watson approved

Emma Watson   wearing her VEJA   Esplar sneakers.

Emma Watson wearing her VEJA Esplar sneakers.

Keep the sustainable style comin', Emma! We want to see more. These sneakers are comfy, stylish and good for the world. Shop the sustainable sneakers below with my two favorite pairs:



Esplar Sneaker


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Madewell x Veja

Esplar Low Sneakers in Embroidered Daisies


Do you like the original sneakers or the Daisy pair? Let me know if the comments below!