Workshop Recap: Clean Eating, Safer Beauty and Sustainable Fashion

Erin ( left ), Founder of  Eat. Move. Rest ; Jolene ( right ),  Beautycounte r Senior Consultant.

Erin (left), Founder of Eat. Move. Rest; Jolene (right), Beautycounter Senior Consultant.

I'm so full of gratitude.

When you’re so passionate about something – anything – all you want to do is shout it from every rooftop. Combine that with a powerful sense of empathy and will to make the world a better place, you’ve got a crazy person. Okay, not really, but sometimes that’s how I feel!

I’m constantly talking about sustainable fashion with my close friends and family; I probably sound like a broken record!


But, I truly felt in my element this weekend when I could be a total geek about sustainable fashion with Erin and Jolene!

I was so touched that Jolene approached me to be part of this event – the idea sprang from conscious consumerism. We each focus on a different topic which creates a holistic view of what it really means to be a conscious consumer.


Erin, founder of Eat. Move. Rest, talked about the importance of healing your body with pure foods. I learned so much about adaptogens, fiber and how to look at food as fuel for your body at a cellular level.

Jolene, senior consultant at Beautycounter, talked about what safer beauty is, how to transition your beauty routine to safer products and how to read an ingredients label on cosmetics and skincare products. 

I capped off the event by explaining what sustainable fashion is, how to reform shopping habits and how to know which brands you can trust.


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One big takeaway? This golden rule of sustainable fashion:

Buy less. Choose well. Make it last.

I brought a few of my own clothing, shoes, jewelry and such to show them the brands I trust: Matt & Nat, Girlfriend Collective, Soko, Teeki, and even more!

Thank you to everyone who showed up – I was nervous co-hosting my first “real” event! But, Erin and Jolene made it a total breeze. My favorite part was answering questions and getting to know everyone who came! I love that people are interested in changing the world one purchase at a time!

Thanks again to Erin and Jolene, I’m so lucky I have them to talk endlessly about clean eating, safer beauty and sustainable fashion!

All images provided by  Devon Stanzcyk

All images provided by Devon Stanzcyk

In love and light,


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